Conference Venue

This year’s conference will be held at the Campus of the Friedrich-Schiller University Jena (FSU). The exhibition floor will be in the foyer, directly next to the lecture hall. Several seminar rooms will be available for the different tutorials. The conference offers excellent networking opportunities on the floor, in the sessions and of course also at the social events.

Photo: FSU/Kasper






The Campus is located directly in the city centre and offers superbly furnished lecture halls and seminar rooms equipped with the latest audio and video technology.

Photo: FSU/Günther


  • The University was founded in 1558
  • around 20.000 students are currently enrolled
  • lecture hall with 300 seats
  • free WiFi

How to get there (from MAXX Hotel) 

  • for residents at the Maxx Hotel, the public transportation (FreeCityTicket) is included
  • take tram line 4 ’Zwätzen’ from station ’Lobeda-West’ to the city center (station ’Löbdergraben’)
  • the campus is now just a 2 minutes walk from the station


Friedrich-Schiller University Jena
Carl-Zeiss-Straße 3
07743 Jena