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Session Overview
Efficient Management of Core Facilities
Time: Wednesday, 12/Oct/2011: 7:00pm - 10:00pm
Session Chair: Elmar Endl
Location: Lecture Hall

Keynote Speaker: Derek Davies, London Research Institute, UK

Session Abstract

The aim of the workshop is to share knowledge and experience among people that run or work within a flow or image core facility. Talks and discussion should be of interest for anyone managing daily life in a core facility or especially for people thinking about setting up a core facility.


Does bigger mean better ? A Tale of Two Core Facilities

Derek Davies

Cancer Research UK, United Kingdom;

The major purpose of any core facility is to provide high quality hardware and staff knowledge and expertise which can be accessed by many research groups. Several recent publications have attempted to show the advantages of the core approach and how it can help foster collaboration between diverse groups who may not otherwise interact. There is however a critical mass of hardware and staff at which point a core would become viable in terms of the input it can have. But at what point could a core outgrow itself or need special treatment ?

In 2015 the London Research Institute will merge with the National Institute for Medical Research and move to a new building. Both Institutes currently have a flow core. The putative new flow core will serve over 100 research groups with different requirements to what each core is currently used to.

This presentation will address the concerns and approaches of the merger of two successful cores.

Instrumentation funding: influences on core facilities from a national funding agency's perspective

Johannes Janssen

Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft, Germany;

The presentation will reveal funding opportunities for flow cytometry and cell sorting equipment at German universities as provided by the DFG. A discussion of experts has resulted in a paper that outlines the boundary conditions for proposals and is provided to applicants and reviewers. Additionally, results from European discussions on effective use of equipments and core facilities will be presented as well as their impact on the development of national funding programmes.

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