Venue, DGfZ 2009 Annual Meeting, Leipzig

Venue Leipzig

altesrathaus-a6_196x245.jpgWelcome to one of the most vibrant cities in Germany. Leipzig is unique. It is a
place where tradition meets dynamic, where traditional Saxon Gemütlichkeit
blends with high-tech business and where classic art and culture meets the avantgarde.
The welcome you’ll receive is cosmopolitan; you can sense it everywhere.
The winds of change certainly blow in Leipzig. The magnificent city centre is an ideal starting point for a tour. It is an area of around a square kilometre where city residences, historic arcades, as well as Gothic, Renaissance, Wilhelminian and modern buildings bear elaborate witness to almost 1,000 years of history.

Please find elevated information within a tourist map, which is provided by the Leipzig Tourismus und Marketing GmbH.

You will also find a map of the town.

Discover Leipzig on a virtual photographic tour or by panorama images.

Here are only a few highlights to mention (more can be found here)

The hometown of Johann Sebastian Bach

[singlepic id=54 w=160 h=120 float=right]Johann Sebastian Bach was Leipzig’s musical director – director ‘musices lipsiensis’ – and choirmaster of the St Thomas’ Boys Choir between 1723 and 1750. The city has dedicated itself to maintaining Bach’s heritage with the Bach Archives, the Bach Museum, the St Thomas’ Boys Choir, and the Gewandhaus Orchestra.

Johann Wolfgang Goethe, and Auerbachs Keller

Between 1765 and 1768, Johann Wolfgang Goethe studied in Leipzig. A scene from his celebrated “Faust”, “Auerbach’s Cellar in Leipzig”, made the restaurant world-famous.


[singlepic id=55 w=160 h=120 float=right] While the night away and join Leipzig’s original pub crawl. Today’s Leipzig is a lively, open and multi-faceted city, with an abundance of attractions on offer. Having been a trade centre for centuries, the shopping is fantastic, while the opera house, the museums and art institutions provide activities galore for those with a cultural taste. Being a university town, the nightlife is of course buzzing too, especially in the Drallewatsch pub area, which is a must see for visitors.

Leipzig – the City of the Peaceful Revolution of 1989

[singlepic id=52 w=160 h=120 float=right]Leipzig was the starting point for the events which led to the Peaceful Revolution of 1989. You can visit the original locations of St Nicholas’s Church, where after the Prayers for Peace were said, the demonstrations started along Augustusplatz and the central ring road to the headquarters of the secret police (Stasi), part of which has been incorporated into the Museum in the “Round Corner”.

Leipziger KUBUS – The UFZ conference venue

The Leipziger KUBUS is a modern conference centre at the “Wissenschaftspark Leipzig/Permoserstraße” (Trailer, Quicktime Plugin required).

It comes up to following requirements (KUBUS overview, UFZ seminar rooms and lecture halls):

  • lecture halls with flexible dimensions and variable seating for events with max. 450 participants
  • inspiring atmosphere for exhibitions and presentations as well as for several catering-stations and a connection to a terrace
  • modern equipment for presentations and communication
  • within easy reach by public transport and by car, underground car park
  • near by the city centre and by motorway A 14
  • surrounded by institutions of Helmholtz- and of Leibnitz-association, institutes of Leipzig university and private research companies

For education there are seminar rooms and lecture halls available. Ambitious experiments from environmental research groups are offered at the Schülerlabor for pupils from the Secondary level II.

Presentations and catering take place at the 550 m2 in the Foyer. For this the exceptional art concept of the entrance hall of the Leipziger KUBUS offers an attractive frame.

Leipziger KUBUS
Leipzig-Halle GmbH
Permoserstraße 15
04318 Leipzig
Tel.: 0341 / 235 2413, Fax: 0341 / 235-2782